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→‎ISO 3166-2:KY: nová sekcia
(→‎Žlkovce: nová sekcia)
(→‎ISO 3166-2:KY: nová sekcia)
--[[Redaktor:Jonesy|Jonesy]] 20:16, 13. február 2008 (UTC)
== [[ISO 3166-2:KY]] ==
Hey hope you're speaking english. I'm not speaking slovak. Sorry. You've created the article [[ISO 3166-2:KY]]. What was your source. I've got the original ISO 3166-2:1998 coding table. In this are no distrikts mentioned. In the newslettes that followed in the last years the Cayman Islands are not mentioned too. Would be great, if you could help me with this. [[:de:Benutzer:Monsterxxl]] [[Redaktor:Monsterxxl|Monsterxxl]] 09:06, 18. január 2009 (UTC)