Diskusia s redaktorom:Vasiľ: Rozdiel medzi revíziami

(→‎Ill Bethisad: @IJzeren Jan)
:Hello, I fully endorse the deletion of the article. Wikipedia is not a place for original research nor for articles about a project of 30 people without notability. The sources you brought forward don't prove that Ill Bethisad is notable because they mostly contain only marginal information on it. The remaining sources don't seem to be very reliable. I'm sorry. --[[Redaktor:Mercy|Mercy]] 21:04, 19. november 2009 (UTC)
::That is not the point. It is not only about why it was deleted, it is also about the way how it was deleted. I can't imagine an anonymous person has the power of having a legitimate article '''speedily deleted''' from wp.sk merely by pointing at a discussion from wikipedia.en from nearly two years ago. Maybe policy here is different, but in all projects where I'm active only obvious nonsense, spam etc. are deleted without any discussion. Frankly, I can't understand how an administrator, a person who has a mandate from the community, can go along with such a thing. Even if the article is, say, on the verge of notability, it would at least deserve a discussion, wouldn't it?
::Indeed, most of the sources contain only marginal information, but not all of them. I must be honest: I haven't really followed whatever people write about me or stuff I'm involved in for years, and because I have quite a lot of work, I haven't really had the time to do a very thorough search either. What I do know is that the two Polish articles are fairly detailed and by all means authorative: one is a well-known popular-scientific magazine, the other one of the two largest internet portals in the country. As far as notability goes, I think it would be fair to add that Ill Bethisad is also the background of at least two constructed languages whose notability is rather uncontested, which IMO would at least give it a certain amoung of "notability by proxy" as well. Besides, even in wp.en notability is a difficult subject and officially it's not hard policy.
::Perhaps worth mentioning is that a similar thing has been going on with the constructed language [[Slovio]]. It was deleted from the English wikipedia in the same period and for exactly the same reasons. Yet, here on the Slovak wiki it was decided it should be kept, although this particular subject can't even produce half of the number of independent sources Ill Bethisad can. I've been told this was because the creator of Slovio is Slovak, but I don't know if that's true.
::In any case, it's good that we're having this discussion. Only, we shouldn't be having it here, but in a page that discusses whether or not an article should be deleted. Like I said, I don't mind having the discussion, and I don't mind if the article is deleted the right way and for the right reasons. But in this case it is neither the right way nor the right reasons. S pozdravom, [[Redaktor:IJzeren Jan|IJzeren Jan]] 21:51, 19. november 2009 (UTC)