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(request flag for EmBOTellado)
=== Výsledok ===
== [[Redaktor:TjBot|TjBot]] ==
*{{bot links|TjBot}}
*'''Operator:''' [[w:id:User:Tjmoel|Tjmoel]]
*'''Automatic or Manually Assisted:''' controlled
*'''Programming Language(s):''' Phyton (Pywikipedia)
*'''Function Summary:'''
** main task: interwikis from id.wikipedia with references to en and/or de site. This is done autonomous, and supervised
*'''Edit period(s)''' ''(e.g. Continuous, daily, one time run)''''':''' irregular
*'''Edit rate requested:''' 6 edits ''per'' min
*'''Already has a bot flag''' ''(Y/N)''''':''' idwiki (home), sw, be_x_old, cs, lb, sw, and some more requested ([ see all flags])
*'''Function Details:''' only for interwiki updates, especially that there still lots of articles without interwiki at idwiki. This will (I hope) increase our quality . Thanks & REgards [[Špeciálne:Príspevky/|]] 07:19, 20. november 2009 (UTC)
:Note: I do apologize to have run the bot without permission. I mean no harm.
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