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===Správanie sa===
; [[Wikipédia:Predpokladajte dobré úmysly|Predpokladajte dobré úmysly]]: Ak nie sú silné dôvody pre opak, predpokladajte, že ľudia, ktorí na projekte pracujú, chcú pomôcť a nie škodiť.
; [[Wikipédia:Konflikt záujmov|Konflikt záujmov]]: Nepoužívajte Wikipôédiu na propagáciu seba, svojej webovej stránky alebo svojej organizácie.
; [[Wikipédia:Nenarušujte Wikipédiu kvôli ilustrácii tvrdenia|Nenarušujte Wikipédiu kvôli ilustrácii tvrdenia]]:State your point. However, do not spam Wikipedia, disingenuously nominate articles for deletion, push rules to their limits or otherwise create work for other people just to prove your point.
; [[Wikipédia:Wikietiketa|Wikietiketa]]:Contributors have different views, perspectives, and backgrounds, sometimes varying widely. Treating others with respect is key to collaborating effectively in building an encyclopedia.
; [[Wikipédia:Buďte láskaví k nováčikom|Buďte láskaví k nováčikom]]:Many new contributors lack knowledge about Wikipedia policies. Nevertheless, always understand that new contributors are prospective "members" and are therefore our most valuable resource.
; [[Wikipédia:Neprístojný obsah|Neprístojný obsah]]:Words and images that might be considered offensive, profane, or obscene by other Wikipedia readers should be used if and only if their omission would cause the article to be less informative, relevant, or accurate, and no equally suitable alternatives are available.
; [[Wikipédia:Podpisujte svoje príspevky na diskusných stránkach|Podpisujte svoje príspevky na diskusných stránkach]]: Sign all of your posts on Wikipedia talk pages by typing <nowiki>~~~~</nowiki> to be accountable and to help others understand the conversation, but do not sign in articles.
; [[Wikipédia:Stránka redaktora|Stránka redaktora]]: You can use your user page to add a little information about yourself or to help you to use Wikipedia more effectively. However, remember that [[WP:NOT#Wikipedia_is_not_a_blog.2C_webspace_provider.2C_or_social_networking_site|Wikipedia is not a blog, webspace provider, or social networking site]].
''Pozri aj:''
* [[:Kategória:Wikipédia: Odporúčania k správaniu sa]]
; [[Wikipédia:Autobiography|Autobiography]]: Avoid writing or editing an article about yourself, other than to correct unambiguous errors of fact.
; [[Wikipédia:Content forking|Content forking]]: Articles should not be split into multiple articles just so each can advocate a different stance on the subject.
; [[Wikipédia:Do not create hoaxes|Do not create hoaxes]]: Do not deliberately add hoaxes, incorrect information, or unverifiable content to articles.
; [[Wikipédia:Externé odkazy|Externé odkazy]]: Wikipedia is not an advertising opportunity.
; [[Wikipédia:Images|Images]]: Images must be relevant to the article that they appear in and be significantly related to the article's topic.
; [[Wikipédia:No disclaimers in articles|No disclaimers in articles]]: Wikipedia contains spoilers, potentially objectionable material, and more. There is generally no need to warn readers of this.
; [[Wikipédia:Notability|Notability]]: Subjects should have received significant outside attention to warrant being included on Wikipedia.
; [[Wikipédia:Reliable sources|Reliable sources]]: Information about identifying and using appropriate sources to comply with [[Wikipedia:Verifiability|Wikipedia's Verifiability policy]].
; [[Wikipédia:Wikipedia is not for things made up one day|Wikipedia is not for things made up one day]]: Resist the temptation to write about the new, great thing you or your friends just thought up.
''Pozri aj:''
* [[:Kategória:Wikipédia: Odporúčania týkajúce sa obsahu]]
; [[Wikipédia:Deletion process|Deletion process]] :An overview of the processes by which articles get deleted
; [[Wikipédia:Patent nonsense|Patent nonsense]]: Text or random characters that have no assignable meaning or are irredeemably confused are usually deleted.
''Pozri aj:''
* [[:Kategória:Wikipédia: Odporúčania k mazaniu stránok]]
===Upravovanie stránok===
; [[Wikipédia:Buďte smelí pri úprave stránok|Buďte smelí pri úprave stránok]]:Wikis develop faster when people fix problems, correct grammar, add facts, make sure the language is precise, and so on. We expect everyone to be bold. It is okay.
;[[Wikipédia:Linking|Linking]]: ''Link articles sideways to neighbours, and add contexts to create a useful web of information.''
;[[Wikipédia:Categorization|Categorization]]: ''Link articles upwards to create categories.''
;[[Wikipédia:Overcategorization|Overcategorization]]: Overcategorization makes categories more crowded but less useful.
;[[Wikipédia:Subpages|Subpages]]: ''Creation of subpages in [[Wikipedia:Main namespace|main namespace]] is not allowed. Subpages may be created in other [[Wikipedia:Namespace|namespaces]] using the slash (/) character.''
;[[Wikipédia:Categories, lists, and navigation templates|Categories, lists, and navigation templates]] :This guideline helps editors choose appropriate grouping technique(s).
''See also:''
* [[:Category:Wikipedia editing guidelines]]
===Konvencie pre názvoslovie===
;[[Wikipédia:Naming conventions|Naming conventions]]: This policy and its many subordinate guidelines explain naming conventions on Wikipedia.
;[[Wikipédia:Image file names]]: Image file names should have readable file names.
''See also:''
* [[:Category:Wikipedia naming conventions]]
;[[Wikipédia:Významnosť|Významnosť]]: This guideline explains the minimum requirements for a subject to merit an article at Wikipedia. Specific guidelines have been written for a variety of specific topics, such as [[Wikipedia:Notability (organizations and companies)|organizations]] and [[Wikipedia:Notability (music)|music]].
''See also:''
* [[:Category:Wikipedia notability guidelines]]
; [[Wikipedia:Manual of Style|'''Manual of style''']]: This is the most important style guideline, and the "parent" of all the other style guidelines.
; [[Wikipedia:Writing better articles|Writing better articles]]: A guide to writing better articles.
; [[Wikipedia:Citing sources|Citing sources]]: For writing and formatting references using different citation styles.
; [[Wikipedia:Layout|Layout]]: For formatting the overall article.
; [[Wikipedia:Accessibility|Accessibility]]: For making articles accessible to disabled or otherwise disadvantaged users.
; [[Wikipedia:External links|External links]]: External links to an article can be helpful to the reader, but they should be kept minimal, meritable, and directly relevant to the article.
''See also:''
* [[:Category:Wikipedia style guidelines]]
* [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Manual of Style]] to join a group of editors that maintain the guidelines in this category
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