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Sorry for the English, anyone who is able to translate is welcome (and encouraged). Speaking of translations! This is a quick note looking for any help you can give in doing some quick translations for the 2010 Fundraiser. You can see the requests at [[m:Fundraising_2010/Translation|the Meta translation page]]. The fundraiser starts a week from today (Monday November 15th) but we will be going up to 100% This Friday for testing throughout the weekend. Translations of the letter from Jimmy Wales and and the "core messages" are especially important and sadly we do not yet have Slovak translations of the new letter or the new text strings. Please let me know if you have any questions! [[Redaktor:Schapman|Schapman]] 21:07, 8. november 2010 (UTC)
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Zdravím. Kolegové z Vídně na to zde chtěli upozornit, nemohu to nikde najít tak dělám sám: viz, kde schází Slovensko/Bratislava ap. Čau, [[Redaktor:-jkb-|-jkb-]] 14:51, 18. november 2010 (UTC)