Tuvalu mo te Atua: Rozdiel medzi revíziami

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Ko te Fakavae sili,<br />
Ko te alu foki tena,<br />
O te manuia katoa;<br />
Loto lasi o fai,<br />
Tou malo saoloto;<br />
Fusi ake katoa<br />
Ki te loto alofa;<br />
Kae amo fakatasi<br />
Ate atu fenua.<br />
"Tuvalu mo te Atua"<br />
Ki te se gata mai!<br /><br />
Tuku atu tau pulega<br />
Ki te pule mai luga,<br />
Kilo tonu ki ou mua<br />
Me ko ia e tautai.<br />
"Pule tasi mo ia"<br />
Ki te se gata mai,<br />
Ko tena mana<br />
Ko tou malosi tena.<br />
Pati lima kae kalaga<br />
Ulufonu ki te tupu.<br />
"Tuvalu ko tu saoloto"<br />
Ki te se gata mai!<br />
Are the words we hold most dear;<br />
For as people or as leaders<br />
Of Tuvalu we all share<br />
In the knowledge that God<br />
Ever rules in heav'n above,<br />
And that we in this land<br />
Are united in His love.<br />
We build on a sure foundation<br />
When we trust in God's great law;<br />
"Tuvalu for the Almighty"<br />
Be our song for evermore!<br /><br />
Let us trust our lives henceforward<br />
To the King to whom we pray,<br />
With our eyes fixed firmly on Him<br />
He is showing us the way.<br />
"May we reign with Him in glory"<br />
Be our song for evermore,<br />
for His almighty power<br />
Is our strength from shore to shore.<br />
Shout aloud in jubilation<br />
To the King whom we adore.<br />
"Tuvalu free and united"<br />
Be our song for evermore!<br />
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