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* Brat: Igor Špitka, huslista v [[Slovenská filharmónia|Slovenskej filharmónii]].
* Syn: Paul Špitka, vyštudoval strednú ekonomickú školu vo Viedni, od roku 2009 študuje na právnickej fakulte univerzite vo Viedni.
Jela Špitková ( born January 1st, 1947 in Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Czechoslovakia ) is a Slovak- Austrian violinist. Spitková is an international concert performer,a role she combines with that of teacher at the Vienna Music University, “ Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien" ,the Banská Bystrica Fine Arts Faculty,“Akademia Umeni Banská Bystrica" and the Academy of Music in Prague.
With more than 900 minutes of her music on CD or LP and 30 violin concerts recorded, her records are sold worldwide. Špitková's violin playing is broadcast all around the world.
At the age of six Jela Špitková started her studies at the local music school of her hometown. She continued her studies at Bratislava Conservatory under Prof. Albín Vrtel’. During this period she gave concerts as a CSSR cultural ambassador,along with fellow ambassadors Edita Gruberová and Marián Lapšanský, in Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands and Switzerland. .
After five years of study, Špitková toured Great Britain with the Slovak Philharmonic and the Brahms violin ensamble. One year later she became concert master of the European Union Youth Orchestra under Yehudi Menuhin. She played in front of Queen Elizabeth the queen mother.
1. Prague and Vienna
On 19th April 1968 Špitková performed the Tchaikovsky violin concerto at the concert hall of the Slovak Philharmonic. She finished her studies in Bratislava as “best graduate of the year”.
In the summer of 1968 Jela Špitková won prizes at international competitions in Sofia and Sion (“ The Tibor Varga Competition”).
In 1968 Jela Špitková stayed in Vienna, where she met Prof. Ricardo Odnoposoff. He admitted her at once to his violin class at the Vinna Music University. She finished her studies under Prof. Odnoposoff in 1970 and was then under contract to the famous "Slovkoncert" concert agency. Besides her studies in Vienna and giving concerts, Špitková studied in Prague (1968-1972) at the music academy and finished her studies there once more as “best graduate of the year”. She studied in the class of Prof. Alexander Plocek. The graduation concert was with the Symphony Orchestra of Prague and the Brahms violin ensamble. Because of problems with her visa, Špitková could not become a member of the English Chamber Orchestra.
2. Moscow
In September 1971 Špitková continued her studies under Prof. Igor Oistrach at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow. At this time Špitková was playing in about 120 concerts per year. In 1978 she performed the Bach double concerto with Igor Oistrach. She finished her studies in 1976.
After her studies, Jela Špitková was appointed “soloist of the Slovak Philharmonic”. She founded the Suchoň Quartet and the Slovakian Trio, and found time to give numerous televised concerts and make many records. Jela Špitková has for some time been giving concerts with the Bratislava Women`s Chamber Orchestra. From 1975 until 1980 Špitková had more than 800 concerts in 60 different countries.In 1979 Jela Špitková was appointed concert master of the radio symphony orchestra of Copenhagen. After that Špitková became concert master of the Mozarteum Orchestra and during a short period she was also concert master of the Gärtnerplatz- Theater Orchestra in Munich.She produced a large number of recordings and also played as a soloist. Jela Špitková was the concert master of the Vienna Bach Soloists and the "Orchestra Sinfonica Brasileira".
From 1975 Špitková taught as an assistant at the music academy of Bratislava. From 1980 she was the assistant of Sándor Vegh at the Mozarteum Salzburg. From 1985 until 2012 Špitková taught at the university of music in Vienna and worked there as a university professor. Since 1998 she has been a professor at the state academy of music in Banská Bystrica and since 2006 professor at the academy of music in Prague. Her students play as soloists, or are members of famous orchestras such as the Vienna Philharmonic, the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra New York, or the Miami Philharmonic...
1965 1st prize at the violin competition Čs. Rundfunk in Bratislava
1968 4th prize at the international Tibor Varga–competition in Sion (CH)
1969 prize at the Emily Anderson competition in London
1971 1st prize at the violin competition Ludwig van Beethoven in Prague
Špitková was awarded prizes at the Marguerite Long-Jacques Thibault competition in Paris (1969),the J. S. Bach violin competition in Leipzig (1968,1970) The George Enescu competition in Bucharest, a competition for young musicians in Sofia (1968),The Carl Flesch violin competition in London (1972) and the ARD - Violinwetbewerb in München (1972).
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