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(zdroje, bitte)
== Zdroje ==
Ahoj, kolega. Prosím zdroje [https://sk.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Marian_Kotleba&curid=381729&diff=5815837&oldid=5815164 tuto]. Vďaka! --[[Redaktor:Jetam2|Jetam2]] ([[Diskusia s redaktorom:Jetam2|diskusia]]) 16:51, 8. júl 2014 (UTC)
== Personal acquaintances ==
Hi Michal, you know the project from the german wikipedia with [[:en:Wikipedia:Personal acquaintances]] At first it was only a pure german project, but know it will expand to an international project. Perhaps it would be, that you or one of your community make a page like the english one, to make more known also in SK on sk-wikipedia. --regards [[User:Karl Gruber|K@rl]] 20:42, 11. august 2014 (UTC)
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