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== Participate in the Brussels writing weeks project ==
[[File:Belgian colours in heart shape.jpg|190px|left|Love Belgium]]
[[File:Flag_of_the_Brussels-Capital_Region.svg|thumb|190px|Flag of the Brussels Capital Region]]
Hello all! After some acts of [[Teroristické útoky v Bruseli v marci 2016|hate]] in Brussels, it is now time again for love. In this week and next week we organise a double writing week about Brussels! We like to invite you to join this project by writing about subjects related to this [[Región Brusel-hlavné mesto|region]] in any Wikipedia you like.
More information, the participants list, and the list of articles that have been written, can be found at: '''[[m:Writing week/Brussels|Writing week/Brussels]]'''.
Participating is easy:
# Add your user name and wiki(s) you work on [[m:Writing week/Brussels/Participants|on the participants list]].
# Add the articles you have written [[m:Writing week/Brussels/Contributions|on the contributions list]].
If you like you can also create a page for the writing weeks on your local wiki.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. Greetings - [[Redaktor:Romaine|Romaine]] ([[Diskusia s redaktorom:Romaine|diskusia]]) 08:42, 4. apríl 2016 (UTC)