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:Hi. I [https://sk.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?limit=250&tagfilter=&title=%C5%A0peci%C3%A1lne%3APr%C3%ADspevky&contribs=user&target=Tegel&namespace=3&tagfilter=&year=2015&month=-1 warn] user, but not for every edit that they do that can be considered vandalism. Since I'm not an active user here I might not follow local practice all the time. I have found that it is a difficult balance between giving warnings and just revert the edit. Sometimes a warning can have a negative effect and only triggers more vandalism. I have the warning templates saved in my [[Redaktor:Tegel/pieskovisko|Sandbox]]. Feel free to add other templates there that I can use. Since every wiki creates their own warning templates it's difficult to remember them all on all 850 wikis. -- [[Redaktor:Tegel|Tegel]] ([[Diskusia s redaktorom:Tegel|diskusia]]) 11:08, 1. december 2015 (UTC)
:: Hi, Tegel. I saw that you use templates {{šablóna|experimenty}} and others. Thank! Good luck on RC. -[[Redaktor:OJJ|'''<span style="font-variant:small-caps;color:#4F94CD;">OJJ</span>''']]<sup>[[Diskusia s redaktorom:OJJ|'''<span style="font-variant:small-caps;color:#458B00;">✉</span>''']]</sup> 06:18, 6. apríl 2016 (UTC)