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Viktor Rajek od augusta [[2006]] oblieka dres [ Univerzity of Akron], [[Ohio]], [[Spojené štáty|USA]], kde pod číslom 82 zastáva pozíciu Defensive End v americkom futbale. [ Akron Zips football] je súčasťou [[Mid American Conference-Division I]].
[[2009]] Viktor Rajek is a junior from Pezinok, Slovakia who plays linebacker for the Akron Zips. Unlike most college football players, Viktor did not come to the University of Akron straight from a high school football team. Viktor came to the Zips from the 2006 Winter Olympics where he participated in the four and two man bobsled for Slovakia, placing 20th and 25th respectively.
Viktor Rajek was introduced to football in [[Freedom]], [[Oklahoma]] where he played eight-man football as a part of an exchange program at the small high school. As a freshman in 2006 at the [[University of Akron]], Viktor Rajek was red shirted. He did see game time in the [[2007]] and [[2008]] seasons playing against [[Army]] (His first statistic was a assist tackle) , [[Ohio State]], [[Indiana]] and [[Central Michigan]].
This season, Akron Zips fans are looking forward to seeing Viktor take the field more often and are really eager to see what this former Olympian will do for the Zips!
[[2009]] Viktor's last game he saw action was unfortunately against a team, [[Army]] he played for first time ever at the [[NCAA]] level. His last statistic was a tackle and forced fumble on which play he got injured and never returned on the field.
[[2012]] Viktor Rajek graduated from the collage of business with a [[MBA]] degree in international business and finance. After finishing his degree he returned back to Slovakia, where he played football for National Team of Slovakia and later on became Defensive Line coach, special teams coach as well as defensive coordinator for the National Team as well as for local football team [[Bratislava Monarchs]].
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