Diskusia s redaktorom:Jetam2: Rozdiel medzi revíziami

:::{{re|Karl Gruber|s=1}} Hi Karl. I see no reason to import versions from other wikis, we don't do that when creating translations. The standard solution is to include the {{tl|preklad}} template, linking to a specific foreign wiki article revision, which served as a translation source. It should be enough to fulfill the attribution requirement of the license. --[[Redaktor:Teslaton|Teslaton]] ([[Diskusia s redaktorom:Teslaton|diskusia]]) 09:13, 4. júl 2017 (UTC)
::::okay for me it's not a problem. In the german the people are more "careful", so with us it's not possible without the origin. So it would be helpfull, if you can make the translation. It's not so a long article, that you can translate it together -thanks in advance [[User:Karl Gruber|K@rl]] 14:17, 4. júl 2017 (UTC)
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