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d (→‎Translation: @Karl: ad import, mixed revisions)
:::::::::::::::::# slovak article was created as a translation from enwiki, not dewiki. So strictly in the sense of continuity, enwiki history was more relevant than dewiki.
:::::::::::::::::Neither license nor local or global policies require or even prefer this approach to attribution. In fact, I'm strongly inclined to hide those imported revisions, intermixed into Jetam's. --[[Redaktor:Teslaton|Teslaton]] ([[Diskusia s redaktorom:Teslaton|diskusia]]) 08:00, 5. september 2017 (UTC)
::::::::::::::::::# Hi together, the source from the english version is also the german version. You can see it [https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Europa-Forum_Wachau&oldid=785694186 here] - in the english version there are only the the translation with some small correction. To the extra attribution I would ask [[:de:UserDerHexer]] because he is the specialist for this matter and perhaps he can answer this question better, also for all his english is better ;-) --regards [[User:Karl Gruber|K@rl]] 09:42, 5. september 2017 (UTC)
in the german wikipedia, and also in many other it is very strong, to importe the history too, otherwise it would be a infringement of copyright from the german version, because a translation is the nearly same as copy and paste. Otherwise it would be in the article itself, where is the source. I have no a problem, if my inserts in the article would be hidden, but all the other authors.
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