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Hello (I hope you don't have a problem with it if I write in Engish; if so, I can use Polish as well)! I noticed you deleted the article [[Ill Bethisad]], and I also noted the same thing happened at several other editions of Wikipedia. Apparently this is the work of some unknown person, possibly a vandal, who seems to be carrying out some sort of crusade against it, although I haven't the faintest idea why. In any case, his only argument seems to be that the article was deleted from wp.en as well, almost two years ago. First of all, I take it the policy on the Slovak wiki is the same as elsewhere: articles are deleted immediately and without discussion only when it is an obvious case of spam, nonsense or vandalism - which is clearly not the case here. Secondly, I assume discussion about deletions on wp.sk are carried out here and not on wp.en. Thirdly, Ill Bethisad has been the subject of (or at least mentioned in) several publications, so the notability criterion doesn't hold, anyway. I kindly request you to restore the article, and I will provide you with some material. After that, a normal deletion discussion is of course always possible. S pozdravom, [[:nl:Gebruiker:IJzeren Jan]], 03:43, 19. november 2009 (UTC)
:Hi. I deleted article, becasuse it was crosswiki spam, without source, without notability. If you have sources to prove that my deletion was wrong, please write it. [[Redaktor:Vasiľ|Vasiľ]] 11:47, 19. november 2009 (UTC)