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Thank you! [[Redaktor:Romaine|Romaine]] ([[Diskusia s redaktorom:Romaine|diskusia]]) 13:10, 25. jún 2015 (UTC)
:PS: If you like, you can translate [[m:Freedom of Panorama in Europe in 2015|Freedom of Panorama in Europe in 2015]] to a page on sk-wiki. Please add the page then to [[d:Q20200822|Q20200822]]. [[Redaktor:Romaine|Romaine]] ([[Diskusia s redaktorom:Romaine|diskusia]]) 13:10, 25. jún 2015 (UTC)
'''Update 25 June:'''
* This evening we had a meeting to evaluate the political situation in Brussels and to determine if setting up a banner today would be effective. In these two weeks there are two critical points in the political process to get to a text that is safe for Wikipedia: before 1 July an MEP need to take action to get the text changed with sufficient support from other MEPs, and on 9 July the plenary voting in the European Parliament. We determined today that as a result of all our actions Wikimedia wide, we have generated enough attention to get the first step done. Congratulations! But this was the small step, the large one is the plenary voting.
* The question we asked ourselves is if we should already show a banner today. A banner on top of every Wikipedia page is a very powerful and sensitive instrument we should be carefully in using it, in timing and wording, certainly if it concerns a subject in the field of advocacy. Also it should be used as last resort. As said, we have arranged enough attention for point one. We also consider two weeks before the voting as too long, because when the banner is seen this week, it likely will be forgotten two weeks later. Therefore we consider it better to start with the banner on 2 July, after assessing how the situation has developed.
* We advice you not to set up a banner in this week already, but this is an advice. If your local community decides otherwise, this will be respected.
:'''What is the plan now?'''
:* We will asses the situation on 2 July, then we will set up a banner that day. This gives us also more time to get all the translations in the various European languages.
:* We have asked the Wikimedia Foundation to come with an official statement. They have indicated that they will work on this and will come with an official statement and/or blog post on 2 July.
:* But in the mean while just waiting? - No!
:** Send a personal e-mail to an MEP in your country/area. See: [[m:Freedom of Panorama in Europe in 2015/Contact your MEP/SK|Freedom of Panorama in Europe in 2015/Contact your MEP/SK]]
:** Send a tweet to an MEP, make it as personal as possible.
:** Write together a press release or an open letter from the community (like on [[:de:Wikipedia:Offener Brief an die Mitglieder des Europäischen Parlaments zur Erhaltung der Panoramafreiheit|de-wiki]])
:Let's do this! Thank you for all the work!! [[Redaktor:Romaine|Romaine]] ([[Diskusia s redaktorom:Romaine|diskusia]]) 03:00, 26. jún 2015 (UTC)