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Ahoj! Hi Jetam, nothing heard a longer time. I had a big request. In the german Wikipedia exists an article about [[:de:Europa-Forum Wachau]]. This article is an result from a project with the university in Vienna and the governement in Lower Austria. And you can see we translated it in some languages - it should be added now with urkranian, russian and polish version too. (also in Farsi and egypt. For all these language we have students in our course with these mother tongues. Unfortunately there are missing in slovak and czech language and so I have the request, if it possible that you can transport the origin article from german in slovak and then to make the translation in slovak language. (It's existing also the english version for your easier job ;-) -- Please be so kind and add a new article in the slovak Wikipedia :-)
Thanks in advance [[User:Karl Gruber|K@rl]] 19:03, 3. júl 2017 (UTC)
:{{Re|Karl Gruber}} Hi Karl! A long time indeed. Okay, I will try to get to it. At least there are some references that can be used. Be well, Karl!{{unsigned|Jetam2|3. Jul. 2017, 23:44‎}}
::Thankyou for the help. Perhaps another people can help you. But it should imported the german version too, otherwise, there are a Copyright infringement. Perhaps Wizzard can import the german or english versions. In the english versions are the german versions included. --regards [[User:Karl Gruber|K@rl]] 08:47, 4. júl 2017 (UTC)
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