Ak sa ma chcete na niečo opýtať, alebo si myslíte že som porušil pravidlá Wikipédie, diskutujme o tom tu.

Stephen H upraviť

Vďaka za kompromis, ale o Stephen by tam mal mať referenciu. Hlavne preto som to vrátil. Vďaka.--Jetam2 (diskusia) 12:32, 5. august 2015 (UTC)Odpovědět[odpovedať]

Je to o ňom známe ale poznačím si to :)--sejanko (diskusia) 12:56, 5. august 2015 (UTC)Odpovědět[odpovedať]
Trochu som to upravil, dúfam že postačuje lebo s referenciami nemám veľmi skúsenosti.--sejanko (diskusia) 12:56, 5. august 2015 (UTC)Odpovědět[odpovedať]
Trochu som to vylepšil šablónou.  --Jetam2 (diskusia) 13:11, 5. august 2015 (UTC)Odpovědět[odpovedať]
V poriadku pozriem sa na to nech viem ako to funguje. Ďakujem za pomoc.--sejanko (diskusia) 13:47, 5. august 2015 (UTC)Odpovědět[odpovedať]

Rusyn Wikipedia upraviť

I'm wondering why our Rusyn Wikipedia is written not as a codified version, but rather with some weird spelling similar to Russian. I'm wondering why Rusyn Wikipedia is in such a decline. It should be improved.--Rusynsko (diskusia) 13:40, 1. august 2017 (UTC)Odpovědět[odpovedať]

There are many Rusyns in many countries. Many times I saw something you are speaking about. Very often you can see on Rusyn Wikipedia letter ѣ which is unused since about 1945 in my region... Codified version is not very popular also I can't speak or write in Rusyn grammatically correctly because I never had Rusyn language in the school. Still I like Rusyn Wikipedia but I don't have time to change it. It's not my hobby to write long articles and I don't have time for it. It's old language which is not very popular in young community (It is sad) :-( now spoken mainly in villages or on cultural events... I don't know where are you from and how it is in your region. Codified version of Rusyn language is still too young. And peoples have no reason or time to learn it.--sejanko (diskusia) 14:51, 1. august 2017 (UTC)Odpovědět[odpovedať]
Sorry for the delay in the reply. I myself from Transcarpathia (Ukraine). The situation with the Rusyn language is extremely bad. The new generation also does not study the language of ancestors. It is judged by the unworthy language of the peasants. The Rusyn language could also be saved thanks to Wikipedia. However, it can not compete with the Ukrainian Wikipedia, which has as many as 700,000 articles on all the themes of life and science. Are there people who promote Rusyn Wikipedia on forums, websites or social networks?--Rusynsko (diskusia) 11:25, 13. október 2017 (UTC)Odpovědět[odpovedať]
I seen Rusyn Wikipedia only on banner on website holosy.sk. Never seen any other promotion. --sejanko (diskusia) 21:42, 14. október 2017 (UTC)Odpovědět[odpovedať]