Hanabi-chan found happy pills is account user at website quotev. This individual is interesting. Her works are not that know, but she is still working on a lot of them

Personal InfoUpraviť

Hanabi-chan claims that her age is between 13-16 so we do not know what is her age exactly. But we know her birthdate which is 31.7., so that means her zodiac sign is Leo. Her sexuality is asking becouse when she first time appeared at website she claimed that she is Asexual, few weeks after that it turn out to be Straight, about two weeks ago she was Bisexual and now she is again Asexual. Her favorite colour is black so can tell she is probably wearing black clothing. But she also said she is pastel goth so we are again at verge of questioning. Her pronouces are she/her, but it is obvious


As is she telling to people she is supposed to have blue eyes, which tone of blue was never told. Also her own words are saying that she have short, black and straight hair. Once she claimed that she have freckles. About what she is saying she have pale skin. She is supposed to be 172 centimetres high or now above. Her weight is supposed to be 64 kilograms. But all her features are questioning, becouse we do not know how exactly she looks like.

History we knowUpraviť

As long as we know fact that she have sister, who is her is unknown. She is also claiming fact that she have dog. To her tragic history we know that her best friend killed herself about two years ago. We only know her name which was Scarlet and why she died-dryier in bath. We do not know about psychical state of Hanabi, but some people think she is little bit insane. We cannot say opposite becouse she told about her "anger issues" which looks realy serious, as one her accident when she break table, becouse she could not draw something.Assume to this informations her mental state do not look good. But through Internet she can not do something bad, right?


Only three things we know from this theme is: 1. she is introvert 2. She is shy 3. She is quiet

Her workUpraviť

My weak heart (haikyuu x fem!reader) This is her most popural story with last count of likes 41. Story is about fifteen years old girl with heart illness. Readers destiny is supposed to be cut at age of 16 sixteen. According to this is story she is starting look more and more crazy.

Lost between enemies (KnY x fem!ghoul!reader) Crossover between Kimetsu no Yaiba and Tokyo Ghoul where is reader thing called ghoul which died and show in universe of Kimetsu no Yaiba. Here I think Hanabi is obessed with dead and that is not good.

Stop summoning me (bnha x demon!fem!reader) This is one of her now fanfictions about reader demon or rather said raven from teen titans, her stories are a lot of time dark faded. About this one we know exactly nothing

Thirsty of you ( haikyuu x vampire!fem!reader) Story about vampire reader and haikyuu boys. Again dark theme.

And a lot others


Last count of followers was 1,853. Why? That I do not know

I can end it here with sentence "Hanabi-chan is not mentally stable